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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cyrus Calves @ Curry Herefords in Oklahoma

UWP Pioneer Showdown

 3rd Overall Steer
shown by Sarah Lillesand
sold by Goehring/Halbach

5th Overall Steer
sired by Eye Candy
shown by Colton Sullivan
sold by Trausch/Goehring

UWP Pioneer Showdown

 Champion Chi Steer  
sired by Eye Candy
shown by Colton Sullivan
sold by Trausch/Goehring

Champion Maine Steer
shown by Ty Bayer
sold by Goehring

"Born This Way" Eye Candy Bull for Trausch Farms

Born This Way
Raised by Dennis Troyer, OK

Oklahoma Hospitality! Thanks Steven & April Curry

Thanks Steven & April Curry for a excellent 4 course breakfast!
How about that Oklahoma hospitality!


ABS Global

Thanks to ABS for putting  another order in of 400 units of  EYE CANDY

Friday, April 29, 2011

Trausch Farms Bull Purchase ~ Eye Candy Bull Calf from Oklahoma

One of the bull calves purchased this year for Trausch Farms
Watch for him in Denver 2012!!!
Eye Candy Bull Calf

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thinking of you . . . .

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all our friends and customers who were affected by the terrible tornadoes that swept through Alabama.  So much devastation and we know a few of our customers were hit hard.  Our prayers are with you Sam, Sharon and Shayne Pinyan.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

Trausch Farms

UW-Platteville Pioneer Showdown


Ryan will be at the Pioneer Showdown this weekend.  We will be running a SHOW SPECIAL on all semen that is purchased at the Pioneer Showdown. If anyone is needing semen or has any questions feel free to contact Ryan.

Ryan Goehring 262-689-5934

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Smackdown Sale~breedersworldonline~April 30 - May 1

Eye Candy Heifer Raised by Wolferidge Kelly Long

Eye Candy Heifer from Wolfridge Kelly Long

Eye Candy x Hereford Heifer from Wolfridge Kelly Long

TFR Cyrus Bull from Wolfridge Kelly Long

Breathe Easy heifer from Wolfridge Kelly Long

Eye Candy Bull from Wolfridge Kelly Long

Eye Candy x Hereford from Wolfridge Kelly Long

Eye Candy Bull from Wolfridge Kelly Long
Eye Candy x Herf Cross from Wolfridge Kelly Long

Trausch Farms Online Semen Sale!!!! Don't miss out on this great offering!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Headin' Out on the Road Again . . .

Ryan Goehring will be in Michigan on Monday and hitting Indiana on Tuesday and Northern Illinois Wednesday.  Give him a call if you need any semen and to look at your calves.  262-689-5934

Chris will be in Oklahoma on Thursday.  Give him a call for a farm visit!  641-745-0323.

Brad Punt will be in Northern Iowa area delivering semen and looking at calves  712-790-6269. 

Salty Dog Calves @ Shults

Salty Dog Heifer

Salty Dog Bull Calf

Friday, April 22, 2011

As seen at Trausch Farms

Neon Moon

Salty Dog & Eye Candy Pair

Salty Dog Heifer (all black) & Eye Candy (black & white)

Seeing Is Believing . . . .

And Trausch Farms Bulls are doing great things!  Give us a call for semen orders or farm visits.  We would be happy to discuss any of our bulls with you and look at your calves if we are in your area.  We value each and every one of our old and new customers.  Have a blessed and safe Easter weekend.

Chris Wilson  641-745-0323
Ryan Goehring 262-689-5934
Brad Punt 712-790-6269

Steer for sale

Carpe Diem Steer For Sale 

Call Brad Hanewich


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Naughty Pine Heifer Sold in our 2010 Labor Day Sale ~ Dustin Wuethrich (IN)

Above:  Naughty Pine Heifer sold in our 2010 Labor Day Sale. 

Cyrus heifer

Still on the HUNT!!!!!!

After many long days on the road we are still on the hunt looking for calves for our fall sales. Please feel free to give us a call for a farm visit.

Chris Wilson 641-745-0323

Ryan Goehring 262-689-5934

Brad Punt 712-395-1318 

Naughty Pine Heifer

This is a picture of the Naughty Pine Heifer I got from you last year (raised by Steve Watson, Ohio).  She was Grand Champion Chi Heifer at the 2011 Dixie National Junior Roundup.  Thought you might like a copy.  Thanks!

Kenny Banes
(601) 260-7850

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mark Bihl (OH)

Eye Candy x Strickly Buisness heifer

Eye Candy x Hardcore steer

Chore Boy x Heatseeker bull

2 days old

Chore Boy works great on Heatseeker, Heatwave and Sunseeker daughters!!