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Monday, April 30, 2012

Eye Candy steer

Eye Candy x Heatseeker steer raised by Rick Larsen of Lewis IA. Watch for him in our fall sale this year we are very excited to work on this one!!

Fast Freddy bull calf

Fast Freddy x Maine/Angus bull calf raised by A-K Acres of Wisconsin...looks awesome!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

*Correction* from Mark Bihl Updated winner!!

Salty Dog x PB Angus
2012 Reserve Champion Market Heifer @  2012 Michigan Beef Expo
Raised by Mark Bihl
Sold to Shatto Show Cattle of Ohio

Congrats to all the consignors who sold Trausch Farms sired cattle tonight!!

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone breeding his first heifer tonight at the farm...looks awesome right now!!

Paint ball party

Some birthday fun for Kade and Raymond. Chris even got out there!

Pioneer Showdown Day 2

5th Overall Market
Shown by Calli Bayer
Raised by Abney

Pioneer Showdown day 2

Grand Champion Steer
Shown By Colton Sullivan
Raised by Shatto (OH)
Sold in the Rocking J/Trausch farms sale
Sired by Breath Easy x Eye Candy first calf hfr


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sale ends tomorrow!!

Don't miss this excellent sent of calves sired by Trausch Farms sires!! Contact the consignors for more information and to place bids!!

Eye Candy winner!

Grand Champion Steer
2012 Muskingum County Spring Show - Ohio
Raised and shown by the Neptune family

Sullivan's Breathe Easy

Reserve Grand Champion Steer
2012 Pioneer Showdown, Wisconsin
Shown by Colton Sullivan, WI
Raised by Shatto Cattle Co., Ohio
Sold by Trausch Farms in our Rocking J Sale
Sired by Breathe Easy x Eye Candy 1st Calf Heifer!


For Sale! Facebook

just want to say thanks yall for puting my pic up on the blog. the heifer is for sale, contact me for further info. 740-591-5870
Brian Keirns
Carpe diem x tc total/tnat Parker heifer. she is for sale, please contact me for further info.
Brian Keirns

Eye Candy . . .

Out of a mere 1,100 units of Eye Candy semen sold in 2009, there were 5 State Fair Grand Champs, 3 Reserve Champs, and 3 Third Overalls.  That's not to mention the NUMEROUS breed champions and class winners.  NO BULL has EVER done this with that amount of semen sold.  That is proof that it's not the quantity, but QUALITY of calves Eye Candy sires.  That alone says a lot right there.  His sales have skyrocketed since that 2nd year and the show ring will reflect the quality of calves he will sire for years to come.

Frank the Tank/Incredible Hulk~!


Another one is coming!

Vickland's Donor cow "Juicy"
This awesome cow's dam, Bailey (Whasssup x sim/ang) is bred back the same way and  due any day now to a full sib to Juicy and Truth Hurts.  Hope it's another great one!

April Birthday Guys!

Happy Birthday tomorrow Raymond!

Happy Birthday yesterday Kaden Wilson!

Fast Freddy/Tabasco gettin' it done!

Breathe Easy/Direct Whiskey

Brian Keirns on Facebook

Carpe Diem x TC Total/TNAT Parker heifer

Muddy Creek

Beautiful Carpe Diem x Simmental Heifer, 3 weeks old.

Muddy Creek Show Cattle
Ansley, Nebraska 

Cyrus Steer

Cyrus x Hot Toddy raised by Risinger Show Cattle shown by Spencer McKay

Friday, April 27, 2012

Garten Livestock - Kansas

Excellent set of spring born calves at Scott Garten's this year. Thanks for your Eye Candy semen purchase!!

Peters Cattle Co. - Kansas

MOP heifer calf

MOP bull calf

An amazing set of calves to look at this spring at Ryan Peter's in Kansas!! Look for some top steer prospects in our fall sales coming from his herd including 2 smokey Eye Candy's!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Eye Candy...Getting it done!

Send your Eye Candy champion photos to Trausch Farms to be added to this feature video!!

Adamson Show Cattle - Oklahoma

Eye Candy ET bull

Eye Candy ET bull

Eye Candy heifer

Eye Candy heifer

Great set of calves sired by our bulls at Taylor Adamson's place this year! Thanks for your Eye Candy, Fast Freddy and Breathe Easy semen purchase!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Spring Smackdown Sale Preview

Just a small taste of the first calves to sell this spring sired by Trausch Farms sires!! Contact any of the consignors in the Spring Smackdown Sale group to get more information on any of these calves!!

Trausch Farms - Our Motto is Quality

Check out this newly produced video compiling multiple calf photos taken this spring in our travels across the country so far...the proof is right here. Breed Trausch Farms...our motto is quality!

Butler Cattle Company - Stigler OK

Eye Candy bull calf

MOP heifer (twin)

Thanks for your Breathe Easy and Carpe Diem semen purchase!!

Lott Show Cattle - Bristow OK

Thanks for your Eye Candy and Breathe Easy semen purchase!!

Eye Candy x Charolais bull calf

Raised by Nate Foglesong of Illinois!!

MOP x Simmental bull calf

Raised by Curoe Show Cattle of Bernard Iowa!!

Alittle Help from a friend

Calves are still popping out right and left here @ Trausch Farms.  This little guy was alittle weak on the sucking thing, he's doing good now.  He's a PB Herf out of Purple Currency.  He's a good one. 

Android Mobile App NOW AVAILABLE

Download the all new mobile app for Android smartphones today!! Search "Trausch Farms" in the Android Market and install it for FREE!! Below is a link to the info page where it can be nstalled:

Eye Candy ~ They Know!

Thanks Raymond G. for the awesome video clip.

Smackdown Show Cattle Sale hosted by Breedersworld

Eye Candy heifer

Breathe Easy x Eye Candy bull

Eye Candy bull

Eye Candy heifer

Eye Candy heifer

Master of Puppets heifer

Breathe Easy heifer

Fast Freddy heifer

Carpe Diem bull

Check out the entire offering with videos now!! Click on the link below: