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Saturday, March 30, 2013

From Wes Richardson - Illinois

Message: Eye candy x Shorthorn heifer. Full sib to Shorthorn Jr National Champion in the Plus Div.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Marc Lehmann - Instagram

Eye Candy x PB Hereford!!!!

Durban Cattle - Ohio

Eye Candy!!

From Jim Baughman - Ohio

California Semen Representative Update

We are pleased to announce that the Cabral family of Bar C4 Show Cattle will be carrying all Trausch Farms sires this spring! They will be traveling across the entire state so call to place an order that can be personally delivered to you!!


Joe Sr 707-396-3063
Joe Jr 707-217-4377
Office 707-255-3333

TF New Ohio Rep for Semen Sales

Proud and honored to announce that I'm now selling semen on all Trausch Farms Sires!!!! So if you didn't make to to the Ohio Beef Expo and are wanting to place orders you can call or text me at 937-206-2831. — Brad Tillman, Ohio

From Marcy Love Facebook

Mason showing his AOB Eye candy X Salers heifer
H & S Farms ~ Farm Girl Factory

Lexi Weber's Heifers

Who Da Man Heifer.  Sold by Trausch Farms

Eye Candy Heifer.  Sold by Trausch Farms

Good job Webers!!

Eye candy and who da man heifers at the tipton show this weekend. Reserve commercial and fifth overall. Both heifers sold by trausch farms

From Duncan Livestock

Tag 51 Heifer, Eye Candy X KJDF Xtra Classy 83X (PVF New Horizon 001) Born on January 28/13

Sells 3/31 on Breedersworld


Bailey Cattle Co Online Sale
Selling March 31 on Breedersworld Website !!!
Registered Shorthorn Plus Show Heifer !!!

Jade Lowe Facebook

Eye candy x hardcore. You talk about a steer with a huge foot! Massive! ~ Jade Lowe

Facebook ~ Boesl

Carpe Diem Bull Calf born at Boesl Farms

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thank you!!

Thank you to all the bidders and buyers in tonight's online semen sale!!

From Jaime Kennedy - Nebraska

From Taylor Adamson - Oklahoma

Message: Getting some good Eye Candy and Fast Freddy calves...this is a pretty darn good black & white Eye Candy bull calf!

Chain Reaction @ Vogler Semen Center

Cell phone pic taken today of Chain Reaction in his working clothes at stud!!

From Jim & Rob Schultz

Eye Candy X 298 Ice Pick donor heifer calf day old.. Jim & Rob Schultz

Trausch Farms - Online Semen Sale Closes TONIGHT!~

Lot #1 selling March 28th is a 45 day spring lease on Harlem Shake!! Don't miss this one of a kind opportunity to walk one of the best 2013 bulls on the market with your herd!! Also you will find semen selling on the following bulls:

Eye Candy
Sugar Rush
DF Vegas
Mob Boss
TFR Cyrus
Direct Whiskey
Holy Water
Fast Freddy
Carpe Diem
Salty Dog
Young Money
Comfort Zone

Call Chris at 641-745-0323 or Raymond at 712-249-2009 for more information.

From Barker Show Cattle - Ohio

Message: Awesome Tabasco heifer out of a Whodaman/shorthorn she is only 12hrs old in pic. Have not seen many tabascos but this is a keeper!

DeBower Show Calves - Facebook

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Updated Photo from OYE

Reserve Supreme Champion Influence Heifer
2013 Oklahoma Youth Expo
Shown by Kyle Hiebert
Sold by Bedwell Cattle Company

Hiller Show Cattle - Alberta

Eye Candy x Speckle Park bull

MOP x Shorthorn steer
Thank you for your semen order of Eye Candy, Salty Dog, Fast Freddy and Sugar Rush!!

From Marc Lehmann - Saskatchewan

Message: Here is an Eye Candy heifer we raised last year that we are showing. She has been very competitive so far!

From Marc Lehmann - Saskatchewan

Message: We really like our Eye Candy's could you send us a sire catalog for 2013!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

From Doug Holliday - Iowa

Fast Freddy x Eye Candy/Who Made Who bull calf only 2 days old!!

Direct Whiskey Wins Big @ OYE!!!!

Reserve Supreme Champion Female 2013 Oklahoma Youth Expo shown by Kyle Hiebert sold by Bedwell Cattle Company sired by DIRECT WHISKEY!! Now proving in his progeny that they can win at majors!! Order semen on the NUMBER ONE outcross to I-80, Ali and Who Made Who bloodlines for first calf heifers!!

Chase Mercier - California

Message: One of our favorite calves this year sired by Eye Candy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

From Ron Kreis - Ohio

Message: "Fifty Shades of Grey" - Eye Candy x Alias bull calf...this one is powerful!!

From Zack Eagle - Oklahoma

Update from OYE Heifer Show!!

Diva Cattle - Sale Results

Salty Dog x Double Vision fall born steer - $16,500

Salty Dog x Double Vision fall born steer - $9000

From Jason Shatto - Ohio

Message: Checkout the Power Up Syndicate (PUPS) Genetic sale Selling on Breederworld online sale March 26th.

Full sib embryos to lot 6 selling tomorrow...Eye Candy x 21R. This is a no miss opportunity...lifetime average of calves from this donor are over $6000.

From Jason Shatto - Ohio

Message: Checkout the Power Up Syndicate (PUPS) Genetic sale Selling on Breederworld online sale March 26th.

Lot 8...Full Sib Embryos sell to this popular 14,000 Salty Dog steer the Richardson Family, Illinois is campaigning. Get in why you can because these might be the last to sell.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Selling April 1st!!

Eye Candy ET fall born full brothers selling in Lee Show Cattle online sale hosted by Breedersworld!!

Selling March 31st!!

Eye Candy x Jakes Proud Jazz fall born heifer selling in the Bailey Cattle Co. online sale hosted by Breedersworld!!

Selling March 28th!!

Salty Dog fall born steer selling in Custy Cattle Co. online sale hosted by Breedersworld!!

From Nic Holley - Ohio

Message: Tabasco heifer out of an Eldorado purebred Shorthorn first calf heifer!!

Iowa State AGR Show

Tabasco heifer sold by Trausch Farms shown by Carter Schweer!!