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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Jeff Johnson | Ohio

Stout Tabasco heifer @ Jeff Johnson's (oh)

From Steve Gray

Thank you Steve Gray for your Young Money and Comfort Zone semen purchase! This Tabasco replacement heifer was pretty impressive

Happy Easter

Have a wonderful blessed Easter from our families to yours.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Josh Ott (VA)

Eye Candy bull calf @ Josh Otts in VA. He's a stud. Thank you for your Harlem Shake, Hired Man and Salty Dog semen purchase.

Lindstrom Farms (NE)

Your Comfort Zone and Eye Candy calves look awesome!!!

Another Salty Dog/Eye Candy Calf

Salty Dog x Eye Candy at Jason Headen and Wes Richardson's in Jacksonville, IL. This guys is stout and cool!!

Mob Boss Heifer Calf

Mob Boss heifer at Dave Myers in Elm Creek, NE

Young Money Calf

Young Money Heifer @ Dave Myers in Elm Creek, NE

Stout Salty Dog Calf

Salty Dog x Eye Candy bull calf
Raised by Kaden Wilson IA

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lay Farms / Glenvil, NE

Hired Man x Kiss n Tell (Heat Seeker x 3C Sturdy)
BW:  90 lbs.
Raised by Harvey Cattle Co.
Owned by Lay Farms Show Calves

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