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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Salty Dog Calves @ Boyles

Salty Dog Steer
Salty Dog Heifer

Check out Boyle Farms sale on Breeders World Online Sales.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reserve Grand Champ Steer, 2011 Minnesota State Fair

Reserve Grand Champion Steer
2011 Minnesota State Fair
Shown by Megan Boesl
Sold by Ron Bruns & KbarK Cattle
Sired by Eye Candy
Congratulations to the Boesl Family!! 

Trausch Farms Mobile Command Center

COMING SOON....The Trausch Farms mobile app for iPhone and Android smart phones!! We should have it available on the Apple Store by tomorrow, the Android app will be announced this afternoon! One more way to make sure you can stay up to date with us!

Breedersworld Sale is up!!! Check it out!!!

Beeler Cattle Co. ~ Check out their sale offering!

Tag 9 ~ Salty Dog x Meyer Steer

Monday, August 29, 2011

Trausch Farms Uncle Cracker

Here is a reminder of what Uncle Kracker looks just picture what his show heifers will turn out like!! Uncle Kracker is TH and PHA FREE!! Thanks to Kelly Burch of Wyoming for leasing him for the spring of 2011 and to Joe Sullivan of Iowa who has spoken for the spring lease for 2012.

Lot 16 in the Breedersworld Sale

Lot 20 in the Private Treaty Sale

Videos are coming . . . I promise. Private Treaty Sale Calf Pics!!!!!!

The calves below are all for sale Private Treaty with bids closing Sept. 4 @ dark.  We could only do so many online and these are just as good as the online sale calves.  We have something for everyone and lots of calves to choose from.  Enjoy the pictures!  Stop by and take a look anytime!! 

Black Tag 7 ~ Eye Candy Steer

Black Tag 9 ~ Eye Candy Steer

Black Tag 2 ~ Eye Candy Steer

Black Tag 11 ~ Eye Candy Steer

Black Tag 12 ~ Eye Candy Steer

Black Tag 17 ~ Nasty Habit Steer

Black Tag 18 ~ Salty Dog Steer

Black Tag 13 ~ Monopoly Steer

Black Tag 20 ~ Uncle Kracker Heifer (February 25)

Black Tag 21 ~ Jake's Proud Jazz x Vegas/Habenaro Heifer (February 20)
Full Sib to Tabasco bull we displayed in Denver 2011

Black Tag 22 ~ Jake's Proud Jazz x Vegas/Habernaro Heifer (February 15)
Full Sib to Tabasco bull

Black Tag 23 - Double Vision Heifer (7/8 SH) (March 4)

Black Tag 25 ~ Eye Candy Heifer

Black Tag 30 ~ Eye Candy Heifer (February 27)

Black Tag 31 ~ Carnac x Icepick Heifer (March 20)

Tag 32 ~ Eye Candy Heifer (February 25)

More Pics coming soon!!!  Keep watching the blog for daily updates on calf pics and videos!!!

Give Chris Wilson 641-745-0323, Ryan Goehring 262-689-5934 or Brad Punt 712-790-6894 for questions regarding the calves or private treaty bidding.
Give Esther a call @ 712-790-3033 for directions or sale information!
Stop by anytime and look at the calves
Bids on the private treaty calves close Sept 4 @ dark

#2 Pics are Here!!! Trausch Farms Seeing Is Believing Breedersworldonline sale!!!

Lot 14 White Cotton x Glitter n Gold/Rock Star heifer

Lot 13 Carpe Diem x herf Steer

Lot 15 360 HW Son x Char Heifer (Char Composite)

Lot 16 Uncle Kracker Heifer

Lot 17 Eye Candy Steer

Lot 18 Chore Boy x Eskimo Joe Steer

Lot 19 Salty Dog x Analyze This Heifer

Lot 20 Carpe Diem Steer

Lot 21 Eye Candy x Power Plus Heifer

Lot 22 Unforgiven Heifer

Lot 23 TFR Cyrus x Layla (Red Hot) PB Hereford Steer

Lot 24 Destiny x Gunsmoke PB Angus Steer

For any questions on any of the calves, please give Chris Wilson 641-745-0323, Ryan Goehring 262-689-5934, or Brad Punt 712-790-6984 a call!!! 

Pics are Here!!! Trausch Farms 2nd Annual Seeing Is Believing Breedersworldonline sale pics!

Lot 1 Eye Candy Heifer

Lot 4 Eye Candy Heifer

Lot 5 Hired Man Steer

Lot 2 Eye Candy Heifer

Lot 3 Eye Candy Heifer

Lot 6 Indian Outlaw Heifer (ShorthornPlus)

Lot 7 Eye Candy Steer

Lot 8 Salty Dog Steer

Lot 9 Eye Candy Market Heifer Prospect

Lot 10 Breathe Easy Heifer

Lot 11 Eye Candy x Picasso Heifer (low simmi)

Lot 12 Moose Steer (ShorthornPlus) (Trausch Farms Seeing Is Believing Sale)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eye Candy Sires Reserve Champion Steer @ Minnesota State Fair

Sold by Ron Bruns & KbarK cattle
Shown by Megan Boesl - Boesl farms
GRAND CHAMPION STEER at Grant County Jack Pot
Can also add 2011 Reserve Grand Champion Steer, 2011 Minnesota State Fair.  Congratulations to the Boesl Family!!!
*Pic coming soon

Eye Candy Heifer

Eye Candy x Chiangus
Raised by AC Cattle sells in the Club Calf Paradise Sale

Friday, August 26, 2011

Eye Candy Sires Champions

These are just a few champions he has sired.  There are many many more.
Bulls, Steers, Heifers, Market Heifers and awesome front pasture kind of cows!!  He's proven he can do it all!